My Research Interests

I have a strong and sustained interest in the ways in which spaces and places embody and address inequality. My research to date has primarily focused on investigating the socio-spatial context which influences both the structure of the urban environment and subsequent health outcomes. Through my research, I aim to improve social justice and population health through a revolutionary understanding of the impacts of the built and natural environment. Have a look at some of my projects below.

Bringing Cities to Life

Half of the world’s population now lives in cities, potentially disconnecting residents from the natural environments in which humans evolved and are best adapted to flourish. I perform geospatial data analytics to understand the complex socio-spatial place effects of greenspace on mental wellbeing in the urban environment. My research uses large population surveys and greenspace maps, as well as local interventions, to investigate how access to urban greenspace improves mental wellbeing. I aim to demonstrate the value of urban greenspace for mental wellbeing and how to incorporate greenery to benefit mental wellbeing.

Park in the Fall