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Well Green

A research blog by Dr Vikki Houlden

Nature. Wellbeing. Inequality


A Little About Me

I'm Dr Vikki Houlden, a Lecturer in Urban Data Science and leader of the MSc Urban Data Science and Analytics at the University of Leeds, and Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute.  Through my research, I aim to understand the ways in which spaces and places embody inequalities, and the social structures influencing how people relate to their environment- I am particularly interestested in how urban landscapes impact health and wellbeing.


I approach urban challenges, such as greenspace, mental health and social peripheralisation, through geospatial methods and theory which draws on my interdisciplinary background in urban science, data analytics, engineering and geography.


My latest (and probably a bit out-of-date!) musings on research and life as I learn to juggle being an academic and working mum. 

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University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK

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